Since 2005, 1by1 Leadership Foundation has taken a relationship-first approach in serving the people of Immokalee.  During this time, 1by1 has been committed to bringing longstanding community stakeholders together to help address the needs of some of the city’s most vulnerable people.  Our role has been to be a “relationship router” – connecting the disenfranchised with the resources and relationships they need to overcome their circumstances. In addition, 1by1 has provided clear vision, service-centered leadership and financial resources in helping inspire and implement various youth-serving initiatives over the years.  Moving forward, 1by1 will continue act as a backbone organization to these initiatives to ensure success and sustainability. In addition, 1by1 will continue to act as a convener of interested service-providers around issues and challenges facing young people and their families. 1by1 will also help promote comprehensive youth development strategies and promising practices from across the US by offering small grants to youth serving organizations in Immokalee and within the SWFL region.

  1. 2004

    2004 – 2007: Partnership with Weed and Seed, the State Attorney’s office and the Collier County Sheriff and Workforce Florida resulted in a 20% reduction of violent crime in Immokalee

  2. 2007

    Started working with the Soccer Pit (more: 1by1 continued to provide start-up assistance to dozens of 5013c organizations including the Soccer Pit, an organization which aims to empower soccer players to succeed academically.)

  3. 2008

    1by1 partnered with Ave Maria University to establish a computer lab in 1by1’s office to help 55 elementary school students develop computer literacy by using digital media to tell their stories.

  4. 2008

    Hosted first Silver Ring Thing event, aimed at encouraging healthy relationships. We have since sponsored similar events in 2010, 2012 and 2014.

  5. 2009

    The organization became a sub-recipient of a Mentoring grant from the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) (More: As a result, 1by1has worked with over 500 minors in Immokalee. Two more DJJ grants have been awarded to 1by1 in 2013 and 2015.)

  6. 2010

    1by1 grew its Mentoring program at Immokalee High School to serve over 50 students per year by empowering students to focus on Service Learning projects.

  7. 2010

    Began partnership with Immokalee Basketball Hall of Fame (More: The Meals for Hope events sponsored by 1by1 over the nearly decade long partnership have resulted in hundreds of thousands of meals for those in need throughout Immokalee. In recent years, this partnership has grown to include hosting the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame golf tournaments in 2015 and 2016 with more than 40 Basketball Hall of Famers engaged locally as well as trips to the AAA Arena in Miami for pre-season events.)

  8. 2011

    Organized the first “Kids Games” in Immokalee (More: In addition to the more than 500 students who attended the “Kids Games,” 1by1 started working in partnership with Edgerrin James Football Camp events at Ave Maria and Immokalee serving 1000 youth.)

  9. 2013

    Awarded a State Farm Youth Advisory Board grant to start entrepreneurship classes as a result, Taste of Immokalee (TOI) was created.

  10. 2013

    Taste of Immokalee was launched (More: Created by 1by1and operated by high school students, Taste of Immokalee aims to provide students with real-world business and leadership lessons as well as skills to help break the cycle of poverty. Since its creation, Taste of Immokalee has worked with outstanding chefs such as Daniel Serfer from Food Network. The 1by1 Leadership Foundation, through Taste of Immokalee, helped fund the establishment of the Benison Distribution Center by providing first year’s rent and a box truck, following Hurricane Irma.

  11. 2014

    Inspiring Immokalee’s Future through Sports started as a way for Athletes to give back to the community (Image: Timeline-2014- Sports.jpg)

  12. 2014

    Cultivate Immokalee Initiative started (More: A 1by1 Initiative that uses a collective Impact model to develop local talent through internships, leadership training and community engagement including Earth Day Events, Ciclovia, Community Gardens, and community beautification project. The initiative’s Club Salud wellness project is now a model for decreasing obesity in Immokalee youth with one of our college interns publishing the efforts nationally. )

  13. 2015

    iCO started to give students a forum to express themselves through the Arts

  14. 2015

    The institutionalization of all 1by1’s Service Learning activities began

  15. 2016

    Organized an Earth Day event at Pepper Ranch to bring the community together to showcase the “rich” culture of the community.

  16. 2017

    1by1 collaborated with several community-based organizations to organize the Earth Day event at the Robert’s Museum

  17. 2018

    Founded Dreamcatchers (More: A 1by1 funded startup that will set out on a nine-year journey in 2019 to serve up to 180 Immokalee residents starting in middle school and not ending until two years post-high school graduation. As the program progresses, Dreamcatchers will surround students with caring adults and introduce them to the diversity of life outside the focus of their everyday lives.)