About Us

About Us:

We are an Immokalee based 501(c)-3 Faith-based Nonprofit Organization impacting lives of youth in southwest Florida. Through projects based around personal, professional, outreach development we create opportunities for youth to give back to their community. We’re looking to build relationships that keep giving socially, economically and spiritually. These relationships will transform the community from the inside-out by changing people’s lives. We continue to do well, treat people well, and use our skills and abilities to help others.

Why Immokalee, Florida?

Immokalee is a small rural area, a hard working town, a melting pot of many cultures. For many, Immokalee has shaped their future; from the experiences, relationships, time invested. Immokalee has and will continue to be a major component of who we are. Immokalee is our home.



To simultaneously Engage, those of good faith and goodwill, Develop joint initiatives, and Build the capacity of others.


To transform Immokalee and other communities by working together to impact the lives of Children and their Families, through the eyes of GOD.


  • Produce social change and higher achievement through creating opportunities for youth.
  • Create lasting relationships that give back socially, economically, and spiritually to the community.
  • Strengthen and grow the work of smaller ministries and community groups.