Taste of Immokalee

Creating a Generation of Entrepreneurs

In 2014 Taste of Immokalee (TOI) was created to provide a platform for students to improve and empower their community. Through a grant from State Farm Insurance to fund an entrepreneurial experience, sixteen students created a food startup business in Immokalee.

The goal was, and continues to be, the creation of an environment where student entrepreneurs can learn to operate a successful business with the purpose of making social change. The participants create work with Immokalee growers to create locally-inspired menu items to help alleviate poverty in their community, which is currently one of the poorest in the country.

Students participate in all areas of creating and growing the business, from ideation, quality control, and sales to public relations, marketing, and public speaking. This model allows each participant to grow in their desired area of study or to experience a potential career.

Many of our graduates were on track to join their families in the harsh-conditions of migrant farm work. However, throughout program, they cultivated the business skills needed to break the cycle of poverty while making a difference in their community. Many graduates a flourishing in careers and across campuses throughout Florida, Ivy League schools and many more premier universities.


Break the cycle of poverty by providing hands-on experience in all aspects of business with a focus on social entrepreneurship to give back to the community of Immokalee.


Create an innovative approach through business that educates youth with skills and knowledge needed to solve social, economical, and educational issues through community and educational partnerships.

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