Project: Taste of Immokalee™

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In 2014 Taste of Immokalee; was created with purpose to provide a platform for youth to empower their community. Through a grant from State Farm Insurance to fund an entrepreneurial experience, led sixteen youth to create a food startup business in Immokalee.


Taste of Immokalee™ is a benefit corporation with a mission to provide “hands-on” experience in all aspects of business with a focus on social entrepreneurship to give back to the community of Immokalee.


Is to create an innovative approach through business that educates youth with skills and knowledge needed to solve social, economical, and educational issues through community and educational partnerships.


  • Work to create Immokalee based food products that are assets to community pride.
  • Provide a safe environment to learn from failures to obtain success.
  • Establish a better understanding of how a business works through hands-on learning.
  • Work through the five D’s to create new products: Decide, Discover, Define, Develop, Deploy.