Project: Inspire Immokalee Sports

About Inspire Immokalee Sports: 

Inspire Immokalee Future Sports is a year round program trains and conditions like minded athletes to achieve higher success in life both physically and mentally. Through the established high school sports; we help to create a sense of pride and an rewarding way for athletes to Give Back to their community once they begin their athletic career. We partner with Ave Maria to reach athletes in track, football, basketball, and many others though our Sports Empowerment Program. Bringing in distinguished speakers from the sports world to talk about character development.


To ensure athletes grow and develop the skills needed to be successful both on the field and in the classroom.


To be the best delivery of services to student athletes in Immokalee, Florida.


  • To mentor athletes to better understand the importance of teamwork.
  • Train the team members both physically and mentally for greater resiliency.
  • Establish a healthy sense of belonging to the school, team, and community.
  • Work to strengthen the sense of unity through guided team building sessions.