Project: Cultivate Immokalee

About Cultivate Immokalee: 

In 2014 an effort to address health issues in Immokalee was started with a focus on healthier eating. Creating a means to grow and sell food in small neighborhood communities as a way to improve the economy of Immokalee. Communities and schools are working together to explore the micro enterprise solutions using Earth Boxes.


To encourage school children and their families to use simple technologies such as Earth Boxes. Educate community groups on how to grow, share, and sell vegetables and fruits.


Low income communities learn how to grow fruits and vegetables though families with a long range goal to become food secure.


  • Youth and families grow fruits and vegetables to share yield with community.
  • Establish a healthy sense of community centered economics using Earth Boxes.
  • Increase environmental awareness of Immokalee’s eco-sites.
  • Grow internship opportunities with partner organizations.