Our Story + Mission

1by1 Leadership foundation has a long history in the Immokalee area.


1 By 1 Leadership Foundation seeks to equip and empower a diversity of leaders in SW Florida to transform lives in the rural community of Immokalee.


To mobilize people of faith and goodwill to develop community-based solutions to systemic challenges facing youth and families in support of social progress in Immokalee.


To be a backbone organization for previous launched initiatives and their staff


To be a Relationship Router – connecting the disconnected by addressing the needs of young people and their families growing up in the community


To build the capacity of organizations to implement comprehensive youth development strategies.

By doing so, we create a highway of hope for Immokalee’s youth and families by collaborating across community sectors to help mobilize youth advocates towards fulfilling Six Community Promises*:

  1. Connect Young People with Caring Adults
  2. Create Safe Places Where Students Know They are Loved, Respected and Valued
  3. Ensure that Young Children are Well Nourished and Have a Healthy Start
  4. Provide Pathways for All Students to Take Part in Effective Education
  5. Promote Opportunities for Young People to Help Others
  6. Offer Mental Health Access to All Young People In Need

*The first 5 Promises were conceived by Bill Milliken and adapted by America’s Promise.