Our Methodology

We Work By:

1. Engage and Support

Engage and support our youth. We look to engage all school children. Through a partnership with PEAR we are able to create opportunities geared towards the individual child. These opportunities work together to engage the unmotivated, focuses the energetic and grows group synergy.


2. Empower and Guide

Empower and guide through mentoring. Youth are mentored to create future leaders and are offered opportunities to lead entire projects and given the support mechanisms to ensure success. These real world experiences create meaningful learning experiences for the youth.


3. Grow and Sustain

Grow and sustain our communities. Youth self affirm goals, and take the first steps in shaping what their legacy will be whether they become doctors, community activists, policy makers, nonprofit founders. They will have a lifelong desire to give back and create local change wherever that be.


4. Change and Impact

Change and impact through giving back. Youth make decisions to Give Back and create long term impact. Service projects involve: improving and changing the community perception, becoming interns, addressing issues at the county level.