Inspire Immokalee Sports

Fostering Well-Rounded Athletes

Inspire Immokalee  Sports is a year-round program trains and conditions athletes to achieve higher success, both physically and mentally. In partnership with Ave Maria, this program reaches athletes in track, football, basketball and beyond, creating a sense of pride in their community and a desire to give back to Immokalee.

Coaches and myriad volunteers are trained to identify athletes who would fit the program framework and then help those students to thrive despite various challenges, including poverty, homelessness, hunger, and negative external influences.

“They need tutoring, guidance, encouragement, support and sometimes, the means to simply survive. Often, they need help with rent, utilities, uniforms, equipment or just a pair of tennis shoes that fit. A little money can really help keep things from falling apart.”


To ensure athletes grow and develop the skills needed to be successful both on the field and in the classroom.  Working in the background, they make hopeless situations into potentially rewarding ones.


To be the best delivery of services to student athletes in Immokalee, Florida. Though the empowerment of coaches to keep students in school and on the right path, through grants and mentoring.