Cultivate Immokalee

Cultivate Immokalee is a student-led initiative of 1by1Leadership Foundation, formed in 2014, as an effort to address health issues, encourage healthier habits, and to improve the local economy by creating a more sustainable food system throughout Immokalee. We aim to achieve this goal by creating community gardens as a means for families and neighborhoods to grow and share food to give back in Immokalee.

With support from 1by1Leadership Foundation, Cultivate Immokalee currently has created eight community gardens to beautify and produce food to share. In addition to civil community engagement, Cultivate Immokalee works to improve the lifestyle habits of the community by changing the lives of both families and students now and in the future.

MISSION:  To promote environmental awareness, sustainability, eco-tourism, personal wellness, and self empowerment through gardening and beautifying Immokalee, Florida.

VISION: We aim to invest in our community members by providing opportunities for garden education, eco-tourism, community engagement and leadership development.