Seminole Tribe Museum

GroupSeveral meetings were held in November by 1by1 with students and teachers to finalize plans for the Seminole Indian Museum Field Trip on November 7th. Sixteen students and two teachers joined Sinclaire Williams for a day of music, dancing, drama and Smithsonian exhibits. The museum is only 40 miles from Immokalee but until this visit none of the students and teachers had had the chance to visit the reservation. The trip kicked off the project’s effort to include culture, especially that of the Native Americans in the fabric of the project’s quest for Environmental Responsibility strategies for their hometown.


plant master gardenersSubsequent meetings were held with a key partner, the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Science (IFAS) Horticultural Department with the Immokalee High School staff in an effort to begin planning of the April 2015 Earth Day event around the upgrading of Ann Olesky Park as a service learning project. Yasmin Perez and Alfredo Villalobos-Perez attended the IFAS Workshop on best practices for gardening vegetables, herbs etc. in the backyard containers and proposed a partnership with IFAS Master Gardener Coordinator Isabel Way.


Dr. Hailer and Mr. Williams met several times with the IFAS Director of the Southwest Florida Research and Education Center (SWR&EC) to finalize collaboration with the Immokalee High School students who would be paired with SWR&EC scientists for Water Quality Research and also for participation in their newly created 2+2 program with Southwest Florida University (SWFU). Subsequent meetings with SWFU faculty and their Provost and the SWR&EC Center Director, Mr. Calvin Arnold finalized the partnership for the High School.


Taste of Immokalee – Stone crab Festival

The success the team had at Stone crab Festival led to several specialty food markets interested in selling our products. So far with Taste of Immokalee we managed to make our way in into Wynn’s Market which is located in Naples Florida after doing a phenomenal job at presenting and or promoting both of our products which include The Salsa and the Spice or Soborsito Sensacional.

On Wednesday, November the 19th, our products were sampled with catering foods that Wynn’s Market is providing which ultimately allowed for both products to be promoted that is, Wynn’s catering foods and the Taste of Immokalee’s products. The Naples press was also there to take pictures including the students whom created the products and put in all efforts into going from a one step distribution to a two step distribution.

Overall, the One by One Giving Back Project has really progressed enormously, we started off with ideas, then products, and now having our products sold in stores such as Wynn’s. All in all, we look forward to enhancing our productivity along the way, in fact perhaps allowing other stores such as Oaks, and Wholefoods to hear our presentation in hopes of having our products sold there as well.

March Basketball Clinic

Ave Maria Basketball CampOn March 29, One by One Leadership Foundation held its first Basketball Clinic. The site was the Immokalee High School. Participants came from the neighboring Elementary schools and Middle to learn the fundamentals of basketball – dribbling, rebounding, defense, passing and shooting. Volunteers from Ave Maria University basketball team, local high coaches and other people worked with the youth in the clinic.

Twenty – four youth from Immokalee traveled from Naples on June 28 to attend Bayshore Education Center Annual Basketball camp. The camp was held at Lely High School. The youth played alongside boys and girls from schools in Naples. They learned the art of team work in Basketball.

ave basketball camp 2The Learning Spot has been a partner of One by One Leadership Foundation for years. The students have used our computer Lab to do homework and academic assignments. This summer, 25 children were engaged in a basketball camp at their facility at BETHEL. The camp taught the children basic basketball kills.

From July 11 to 13, six youth participated in Ave Maria Basketball camp. The staff from Ave Maria worked with the youth on competition games. The youth from Immokalee played several games against other youth from Ave Maria community and Naples.

IHS Students Take on Global Energy Issues


High powered lesson for Immokalee High School students
High powered lesson for Immokalee High School students

Immokalee – On Tuesday, March 4, 2014, 26 students and several science teachers joined Mr. Paul Rimmler’s physics class at Immokalee High School to hear from scientists and entrepreneurs from New Vision Renewable Energy. The youth received a hands-on opportunity to assemble six high powered, solar LED lights for the children that have no electricity in the area affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Ruston Seaman, President and CEO of New Vision, shared that the story is bigger than just recovery from storms. Seaman said, “When the sun goes down, almost 1.3 billion people rely on toxic kerosene lamps and other life-threatening materials for lighting and cooking in their homes. This situation not only costs them a lot of money for the fuel, about a $100 a year, but according to the U.N., the shocking situation is that this is killing 4,000 people each day with half of them below the age of 5. These respiratory related deaths are more than from HIV/AIDS and malaria combined.” The students nodded their heads that a clean energy source is needed. New Vision uses an advanced Solar Mirror Film created by 3M and has come up with a way to get their Portable Solar Power Pack & Light into the lives of people who need them the most.

“One by One Leadership Foundation, who connected New Vision to the school, shares in a global impact effort to create not only healthier environments but also deeper learning opportunities for Immokalee students. This is one of our strategies,” says Sinclaire Williams, Program Director at One by One.

Tony Allen, Immokalee High School’s Activities/Athletic Director shared, “This is a great day for Immokalee science education not only at a school level with the announcement of Project Lead the Way engineering academy and that one of its teacher’s, Mr. Paul Rimmler, received a Golden Apple Award, but indeed that our students are getting an opportunity to give back with greater impact well beyond the borders of Collier County.”

John Lawson, the Executive Director of One by One Leadership Foundation, said that he is pleased that additional assembly events have been planned with Peggy Cary, the Science Department Chair and National Honor Society liaison. Immokalee is joining a movement that is investing in young leaders to help them embrace opportunities and responsibilities to make a meaningful impact not just at home through their education but around the world in a very practical way. The writing on the back of the solar LED lights tells the story. There the students have initialed the devices and written: ”MADE IN IMMOKALEE.”

Financial Literacy

Sinclaire mentoringFinancial Literacy is provided to accomplish Famly Budgeting, Personal Budgeting, Financial Freedom, Saving For Future, and Breaking Through Barriers

The Financial Literacy program was created to inform minority cultures of financial literacy and money management though the youth of the community. If we teach the youth skills necessary for college and beyond, they can teach members in the community. This processes starts with the families and churches then gradually progresses to include community circles until all are reached.

Funded though State Farm mini grant, this initiative works to instill a sense of value for high school students looking to give back while learning financial responsibility. Financial Literacy training was started in Summer 2013.

Focus topics include: Financial Planning, Budgeting, Need vs Want, Credit vs Debit