Project: iCo Dance and Arts

About iCo:

iCo is a high school performing arts initiative. Dancers, singers, writers, and more come together as storytellers to raise community awareness. Giving those seeking and artistic outlet a safe haven for the creative process. This year round program trains and conditions like minded artists to achieve higher success in life. With the help of guest choreographers, iCo works to build a standard of self worth and expressive creativity. This is often showcased at community events to support other organizations. With youth learning the life lesson of hard work yields lifelong rewards.


To empower youth to become ambassadors and open dialogue for positive social change.


To mobilize an arts movement in the community that inspires youth to dream, take action, and explore human expression.


  • To mentor youth to better understand the business of arts.
  • Train the company physically and mentally for greater resiliency.
  • Establish a healthy sense of belonging to the school, team, and community.
  • Strengthen the sense of unity through guided consistent team building.


Immokalee High School

“In pursuit of excellence”- This motto is the guiding vision of Immokalee High School. This applies not only to our strong tradition of athletics competition but to our perennial State Champion and multiple National Champion BETA team and is also at the very foundation of our work to build the academics of Immokalee High School to the heights our community and students so very much deserve.